How many levels/divisions are there in Top Eleven?

Hello Top Eleven Manager, apparently you’re looking for more information about how many manager levels there are in Top Eleven.

As a level 37 manager in Top Eleven, I’ll be happy to share what I’ve already discovered about the game. This would be my best guess about the amount of divisions there are at this moment in the game:

 1  There are at least 44 levels

What I can say with certainty, is that there are at least 44 manager levels or more.

Why I’m so sure about that? One of the managers in my friends list has made it till this level, as you can see in the screenshot below.

He started his team in september 2013.

 2  But my guess is that there’s more

When we keep in mind that:

  • Top Eleven was launched in november 2011
  • It takes 1 month to level up

This means that player who has been playing since 2011 and promoted each year, would in theory be a level 67 player by now

2011 2
2012 12
2013 12
2014 12
2015 12
2016 12
2017 5
Sum: 67


So in theory, the highest possible current level would be level 67.

But taking into account that the highest level that I’ve ever seen, was a level 44 player, my best guess would be that the current highest level must be about level 50.

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